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GeoLog is continually upgrading and modernising its fleet to ensure all wireline logging units are in first-class operating condition and compliant with the industry standards.

The latest Toyota Troop Carrier fully equipped with airbags, rollbars and all neccassary safety equipment is our vehicle of choice.

All logging equipment is subject to routine calibrations and data is rigorously checked to achieve the best results possible. A full history of epuipment checks and calibrations are available on request.

The logging units are maintained to the highest standard and operated by trained Field Technicians. Geolog has backup borehole logging tools and vehicles available to ensure that any downtime is kept to a minimum. As a result, our downtime is less than 5% and 90% of problems are resolved in less than 24 hours.

Geolog provides total flexibility in the method and scale of presentation of the data logs to suit specific requirements. Field units are able to supply printed logs and capable of producing a variety of digital file formats to suit individual clients.

Geolog currently provides wireline services for drilling programs across the major Queensland coal basins with full-time units servicing the Bowen, Galilee, Surat and Maryborough Basins as well as more remote locations.

Geolog successfully and safely provides wireline logging services to:

  • Peabody Energy
  • Cockatoo Coal
  • Macarthur Coal
  • Hancock (GVK)
  • Newhope Coal
  • Cuesta Coal
  • Waratah Coal
  • Many other Australian listed companies.

It is our aim to ensure relationships with our customers are as pleasant and professional as possible.