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GeoLog downhole data collection and logging services include:

  • Neutron,
  • Triple Density, Calliper, Gamma, temperature
  • Resistivity/SP,
  • Verticality
  • Full Wave Sonic,
  • Borehole Televiewer Tool
  • Reflex Gyro (Gyroscopic Verticality)

All digital output to clients is provided in LAS or in standard formats as required by the client.

To complement a variety of drilling programs, GeoLog’s electric wireline winches are capable of logging holes up to 1000m deep. 24 hour logging services can also be booked upon request.


Geolog now also offers interpretation of HiRAT (Borehole Televiewer) data. HiRAT data collection and interpretation can be arranged as a stand alone service or in combination with other wireline services and data presentation.