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Management & Staff

GeoLog attributes its growth, development, and technical and operational excellence to the knowledge and experience of its senior management. The Company’s enviable operational and safety records have been achieved by an honest, sincere, and dedicated approach by all GeoLog staff.

Managing Director

Glenn Jordan entered the industry in 1997 after successfully completing an engineering degree majoring in Civil Engineering.

Starting as a logger for the company now known as Weatherford he worked mainly throughout Queensland and New South Wales. His experience was spread from as far as New Zealand to Western Australia.

After working as a senior logger for several years with Weatherford he took on a position with Auslog as a senior logging engineer. After one year Glenn took over as Manager of the company and expanded the business 2 fold within one year along with improving technical procedures and data quality.

In doing so the company image was improved and became a lucrative takeover target being bought out by Weatherford in 2006 .

After the takeover Glenn took a position with GeoScience to expand its Queensland operations. In one year he had taken the company from one Logging unit to 6 units working throughout Queensland.

Now as the director of GeoLog, Glenn intends to grow the company through providing the highest standard of data quality along with a strong emphasis on customer service to ensure GeoLog becomes a readily recognised brand in the coal industry.


Michelle Jordan joined GeoLog from the beginning of operations and is responsible for ensuring that our invoicing and documentation is kept at a high and professional standard and in a format that is appropriate to the client. Michelle has a good working knowledge of the company, and with over 10 years experience doing book work and co-ordinating roles makes her a big asset to the company.